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Travel to ethiopia Special 25%off tour program for southern Ethiopia

Special 25%off tour program for southern Ethiopia
Tour starting date 8/2/2014
Tour Ending date 15/2/2014
TOUR NAME Fixed date TRIP TO SOUTH omo valley Ethiopia
Tour code Ta BT /002/2014
Duration 8days 7nights
Mode of transport surface
Type of car minivan

Day 1(feb8)- Saturday -Drive to arbaminch via butajra enroot visit Tiya stelea Tiya stelae , is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its mysterious stelae, thought to brave markers, dating from the 12th century. Overnight camp at Dorze village

Day 2(feb9) -Sunday morning we will have boat trip on lake chamo Boat trip on Lake Chamo and view some of the largest crocodiles in the world sunning on the banks of the lake .it called crocodile market .hippos are also takes place. and beautiful aquatic birds including the lovely Kingfisher , Fish Eagle and pelican after noon we will drive to konso we will see the konso tribes they known for their terracing system house building style the unique landscape konso the most wonder new work landscape .overnight camp at king house.

Day3(feb10)-Monday – drive to Turmi – we will visit the color full hammer tribe which known for their body painting with red clay and butter ,their decorated traditional leather clothes , scarring of their bodies, their hair style. Overnight camp at hammer village.

Day 4(feb11)- Monday-Morning sight seen the turmi market we can see tribes and their colorful clothes on this market after noon drive to jinka overnight at rocky camp site.

Day5(feb12)-Tuesday -Morning Drive to Mursi The Mursi live between their dry season range in the Mursi Hills, and their wet season range on the Tama Plains, north of Mago Park in the Omo River region of South-Western Ethiopia. They care for livestock and plant some crops. They have a war-like reputation given their strong desire to control as much grazing land as they can for their livestock overnight rocky camp site

Day 6 (feb13)-Wednesday- after breakfast drive to Arbaminch on the way vist konso village over night Ezana hotels.

Day 7(feb14) – Thursday after breakfast drive to langano.lake Langano Langano is a lake in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, exactly 200 kilometers by road south of the capital, Addis Ababa,. It is free of Bilharzias (schistosomiasis), unlike all other freshwater lakes in Ethiopia. Overnight wabi shebele hotel

Day 8 (feb15)-Friday after breakfast drive to Addis Ababa city tours of Addis Ababa and departure.

The price quotation for this tour package is:-
5-6 passengers 900 usd per person
The price include:-
• Governmental tax
• Transportation
• Accommodation twin sharing room
• Meal BB,LL,DD
• Water 2 liters per day per person
• Entrance fees at each site
• Guide fee for each site
This price not include
• Alcoholic Drink
• Camera & Video camera fees
• Personal interests and tips.
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Tiya Stelae Ethiopia

Tiya Stelae Ethiopia

What is the Tiya Stelae

Tiya is among the most important of the roughly 160 archaeological sites discovered so far in the Soddo region, south of Addis Ababa. The site contains 36 monuments, including 32 carved stelae covered with symbols, most of which are difficult to decipher. They are the remains of an ancient Ethiopian culture whose age has not yet been precisely determined.

About Tiya

Tour Ethiopia and visit the stelae from the Soddo region, with their enigmatic configuration, are highly representative of an expression of the Ethiopian megalithic period.

Soddo lies to the south of Addis Ababa, beyond the Aouache river. It is remarkable because of the numerous archaeological sites of the megalithic period, comprising hundreds of sculptured stelae, that have been discovered there. The carved monoliths vary in size from 1 m to 5 m. Their forms fall into several distinct categories: figurative composition; anthropomorphic; hemispherical or conical; simple monoliths. In the northern area are to be found stelae with depictions of swords, associated with enigmatic symbols and schematic human figures.

Among the most important of the roughly 160 archaeological sites discovered so far in the Soddo region is Tiya, lying 38 km south of the river, which is also one of the most representative. Roughly aligned over an axis of 45 m there is a group of 33 stelae, with another group of three stelae a short distance from them. Of the 36 stelae at Tiya, 32 are sculpted with vaguely representational configurations (including the sword designs), which are for the most part difficult to decipher. One depicts the outline of a human figure in low relief.

They are the remains of an ancient Ethiopian culture the age of which has not yet been precisely determined. However, they have been interpreted as having a funerary significance, as there are tombs scattered around the stelae. This Ethiopia Tour is ideal for those interested in the History of Ethiopia and her ancient peoples.

Mursi Ethiopia
Travel to Ethiopia and visit the  Mursi.

The Mursi live in south west Ethiopia  on the East side of the Omo river, a large river that goes into Lake Turkana in northern Kenya . The Mursi, are surrounded by many other groups of people, many of whom are traditionally enemies, with whom they may have war at any time, due to land expansion, cattle raiding, and other reasons. Until the 1970’s, Continue reading

Konso World Cultural heritage

Konso World Cultural heritage

 Konso Ethiopia

The Konso are southern Cushitic peoples that live in isolated region on basalt hills. A Konso village may be fortified by a stone wall used as a defensive measure. The corner stone of Konso culture, however, is highly specialized and successful agricultural economy that through terracing buttressed with stone, enable these people to extract a productive living from the not too fertile hills and valleys that surround them.

The Konso are sedentary, hardworking and materialist. They worship the sky god “Wag” venerate serpents and display elements of an ancestor cult, commemorating dead heroes with carved wooden figures known as “Waka” or “something of grandfathers”. Representing the sum total of man’s achievements, these totems are placed in open fields or by roadsides and depict the deceased wives, the enemies he has slain in battle and any noble animals he may have killed. They define age-set institutions, hold elaborate initiation ceremonials to mark the rites of passage from one grade to the next and wear phallic “Kalicha” on their foreheads during these ceremonies.

Tour Ethiopia and be among the Konso!


Arba Minch Ethiopia

Arba Minch Ethiopia

Travel Ethiopia and visit Arba Minch!

The name means “Forty springs” and the town and hotels are perched on a hill overlooking the twin lakes Chamo and Abaya. Travel Ethiopia and enjoy one of Ethiopia’s most splendid panoramic views. The lakes are famous for the over 100kg of Nile Perch which draws the fisherman and crocodiles in great numbers-not as many as in the Lake Rudolf, but considerably easier to see in comfort.

If you travel Ethiopia as a birdwatcher and nature lover, Arba Minch also has  an extraordinarily rich variety of birdlife. On the far shores of Abaya and Chamo lies the national park of Nech Sar. Still difficult to access, this park has been established to preserve the last remnants of once-thriving population of Swayne’s Hartebeest, a race endemic to Ethiopia, of an unusual dark chocolate color.

Travel Ethiopia and visit Arba Minch with us to enjoy the scenic views and nature’s best!

Lower Omo Valley Ethiopia Tour

Lower Omo Valley Ethiopia Tour
Lower Omo Valley – Ethiopia Tour

The area, in south west Ethiopia close to Lake Turkana, is another heaven of prehistoric finds which has been essential in the study of human evolution. Ancient tools and hominid fossils dating back 2.4 million years ago have been discovered there. The remote area is also home to  a huge cultural diversity of peoples, whose lifestyles have not changed since ancient times.

The Omo Vallay Ethiopia Tour is a significant trip to be made by travelers who want to learn more of our history and understand the diverse cultures of Ethiopia. This Ethiopia tour also reveals the birthplace and origins of mankind!