Travel Ethiopia and visit Arba Minch!

The name means “Forty springs” and the town and hotels are perched on a hill overlooking the twin lakes Chamo and Abaya. Travel Ethiopia and enjoy one of Ethiopia’s most splendid panoramic views. The lakes are famous for the over 100kg of Nile Perch which draws the fisherman and crocodiles in great numbers-not as many as in the Lake Rudolf, but considerably easier to see in comfort.

If you travel Ethiopia as a birdwatcher and nature lover, Arba Minch also has  an extraordinarily rich variety of birdlife. On the far shores of Abaya and Chamo lies the national park of Nech Sar. Still difficult to access, this park has been established to preserve the last remnants of once-thriving population of Swayne’s Hartebeest, a race endemic to Ethiopia, of an unusual dark chocolate color.

Travel Ethiopia and visit Arba Minch with us to enjoy the scenic views and nature’s best!