Genna (Ethiopian Christmas )

“Ethiopian Christmas is a public holiday in Ethiopia, and on the night of Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve is on January 6, Christmas on January 7), Christian priests carry a procession through town carrying umbrellas with fancy decorations. (Christmas is called Ganna in Ethiopia) Then the procession finally ends at local churches where Christmas mass is […]

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Fasika (Ethiopian Easter)

Travel Ethiopia and celebrate Fasika (Ethiopian Easter) Travel Ethiopia and celebrate Fasika (Ethiopian Easter)  on 27 April. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church offers special daily prayers during the Fasika season. The church members and those who offer spiritual teachings in the church do not eat until 3 o’clock in the afternoon with the exception of Saturday […]

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Kulubi (Saint Gabriel Festival)

Kulubi (December 28 Gregorian calendar) The church was built in 1880.The festival of Saint Gabriel (Kulubi Gabriel), the Archangel, is celebrated on every December (Tahsas) 19 Ethiopian calendar (December 28 Gregorian calendar) which culminates in a pilgrimage to Kulubi, about 68 kilometers from Dire Dawa. Orthodox Tewahido (one in union) Christians mark the celebration with colorful processions and […]

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Buhe 21 August

Buhe is a holiday in Ethiopia and Eritrea, held on August 21 (according to the Gregorian Calendar; Nähase 14 (Ge’ez: ነሐሴ ፲፬), Ethiopian calendar). On this date, the church celebrates the transfiguration of Jesus Christ on Mount Tabor in the presence of the three lead apostles. People of the neighborhood tie a bundle of sticks together to make a chibo, and set it on fire while singing […]

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Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany)

Travel Ethiopia and Experience Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany) ! The greatest festival of the year falling on 19 January, just two weeks after the Ethiopian Christmas. It is commemorated of Christ baptism in the Jordan river by John the baptist. The next day is devoted to the feast of St. Michael, the arc angle. Since October […]

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Ashenda in Ethiopia

When you travel Ethiopia  witness Ashenda, a unique Tigrian traditional festival, which takes place in August to mark the ending of fasting called filseta. This event is mostly for girls and young women, which they await very eagerly every year. It is unique to the people in the state of Tigrai which is in northern […]

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