Travel Ethiopia and visit Danakil / Dalol Depression Ethiopia

Travel Ethiopia and witness volcanoes and salt lakes located in Afar region that lie at the altitude of 116m below sea level.The Danakil ( or Dalol ) depression is one of the lowest, hottest and the most unique land formations in the Great Rift Valley system. Still this part of the planet is very active geologically.

The Danakil is a tectonic triple-junction where the spreading ridges that form the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden emerge on land and meet Africa’s Great Rift Valley.

It is still being slowly but surely pulled apart at the rate of about 1 to 2 cm a year and some scientists say it is the site of what, 10 million years from now, will be a new ocean that splits the African continent in two.

Nevertheless, it has colorful and enjoyable landscape, which makes the traveler feel that they are in lonely planet.